Improve Your Curb Appeal Without Going Broke

Dated: 07/08/2016

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Getting ready to sell your home? A common mistake is to over-spend on upgrades. While buyers will appreciate a new roof, putting $5000 into those features will not always get you an addition $5000 or more.

You are almost always better off minimizing your spending, and making it purely cosmetic. New paint goes a lot further for less, and makes a bigger impact than a costly redo of the whole bathroom. The time to remodel was when you first bought the house, and for your own enjoyment, not when you’re getting ready to sell.

So what can you do? First, take stock and don’t get overwhelmed. Separate out the “must do’s” from the “quick fixes” and give yourself a manageable list. A good place to start?

  • Yard Sale! – Making some money is always nice, but don’t lose sight. Your main goal is to de-clutter and prepare your home for potentials buyers. Bonus! The more you get rid of, the less you have to pack.

  • It's The Little Things – Catch up on the yard work you’ve been avoiding, and keep it up. Dust off or buy a new welcome mat. Check for loose shingles, siding, or misaligned gutters. All quick, cheap methods that make your house appealing from the first impression.

  •  Seal Up Cracks – It only takes a few dollars to reseal any cracks in your steps, walkways, and or driveway. It’s the little things that show a buyer you’ve cared for your properly.

  • Paint the Accents – Your front door, mailbox and shutters won’t take much paint or time, but the impact is massive!

  • Loan Out the Boat - Have an RV, boat, or any other toys cluttering up your yard or driveway? Loan them to a family member or friend, or store them out of sight of potential buyers. They should be focusing on your lovely home, not getting jealous over your vacations.

We all know – you never get a second chance at a first impression, so you better make it count. Once you’ve got the outside looking right, you’ll be energized and ready to tackle the inside!

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