Five Retro Styles Making A Comeback

Dated: 10/11/2017

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In fashion, you can expect what’s old to be new again every 20 years or so. It’s just the right amount of time for use to dust off our nostalgia, polish what we liked about a thing, and present it in a brand-new light.

Home and interior design has a little longer of a cycle – largely due to the cost – but you’d be fooling yourself to think the trends of your parents and your parent’s parents were never coming back around.

Here are five vintage trends that are making a comeback!

Conversation Pits

As a kid who grew up on the Jetsons – a show with a decidedly mid-century modern bend to its design – I have to admit I’m excited for this one.

Few things define the '60s and '70s aesthetic than the trend of sunken spaces with built in seating rooms with built-in seating. Space-age looking floating fireplaces, wild patterns, and bold colors in a circle of plush cushions. The conversation pit has obvious appeal – even if getting a vacuum into one to clean the shag carpet was a nightmare.

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For practical reasons, this isn’t an easy one to pull off, and that’s part of the reason is died off in the first place. A true conversation pit requires modification of the sub-floor and is expensive to install. Worse, it locks you into a particular layout. An easier way to achieve this look is to mimic the intent. Arrange sofas around a central table, requiring guests to focus on each other rather than a TV.

Brass Hardware

Whether your budget is more Target or West Elm, if you’ve been furniture shopping lately, then you’ve probably seen a lot of brass. It started small – lamps and a few table ornaments – but the warmth it brings to a space is spreading back to door knobs, kitchen hardware and more.

It’s important to note sheen here – most of the brass we see returning is in stain and matte finishes, often with a little tarnish built in. The look doesn’t echo the electro-plated brass of 90’s, but rather a warmed, more classy time.

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In small doses, brass can elevate your design with a charm stainless steel lacks. Used with deep, luxurious colors – say a half-bath faucet over a marble sink, with navy walls – and your half-bath suddenly seems more at home in a swanky hotel.

Feeling more daring? Try an antique brass bed or other furniture than can age some ageless class to a room. Just remember – it doesn’t take much to have a big impact.


Not one I ever thought I’d be writing about, this 60’s and 70’s revival takes the form of knotted rope finishing, hanging plants, hung textile art, chandelier chords and even jewelry.

Once ubiquitous in the age of long hair and oh-so-many-beads, macramé just didn’t make the transition into 80’s and 90’s modernism and minimalism. Now, the warmth and naturalism fits in with increasingly personalized trends, and even plays well with more industrial styles.

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While color counts, the biggest consideration in modern macramé accents is texture – especially important when it’s paired against glass, metal, marble, or otherwise cold, flat materials.

Added bonus in the age of Pinterest – there are plenty of patterns out there for tackling this one on a budget!

Plush, Over-sized Furniture

When minimalism reigned, slimmed more modern furniture was king. Often times, being space efficient was valued over form, design, or even function.

Farewell modern minimalist sofas! It’s time to welcome back a classic: tufted, vintage couches, often in bold colors with exposed tack trim that are – most importantly – extra comfy.

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That’s not to say you shouldn’t be conscious of the space – too big is hardly and improvement over too small – but have a few oversized pieces with a lot of personality makes for a big change on the space. Rather than just being aesthetically appealing, plush furniture is inviting. It draws you and your guests in based on its use – not it’s looks.

Aim for pieces with an elegantly antique look, that use classical themes. Jewel tones and bone color choices will bring them into the modern era while maintaining their comfy purpose.

Art Gallery Walls

The cliché is the wall along the stairs of your grandmother’s house – no square foot spared from a picture of a distant relative or the embarrassing one of you as a child.

If you haven’t noticed yet, most of the resurging trends are a rejection of the minimal, modern, often cold and impersonal decorating styles that have been so popular the last decade or two. Nothing is a more pointed rejection of that than turning your walls into an art gallery curated by you.

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Whether your fill the wall with family photos, art, or personal trinkets, the theme should always lean towards the eclectic. Chunky frames with some unifying color are often used – but it’s certainly not a requirement. Once considered outdates, this aesthetic has gained popularity because it expresses your interests and individuality without overwhelming a space. When packed in tightly and thoughtfully, the frames and art take on a look that is bigger than any individual piece.

Just keep in mind – when it comes to selling your home, “depersonalizing” is still a necessity. Rather than seeing a wall full of your life, loves, and hobbies, they need to see a wall to hang their own.

What retro-trends are you excited to see revived? Or better, which ones do you never want to see come back?

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Five Retro Styles Making A Comeback

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