Five Easy Tips To Freshen Your Home For Spring

Dated: 03/29/2017

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Spring is mostly here for Tennessee. We still have a few unseasonably cold days, but by in large the sun is shining, the grass is green and the house is... well, it still needs the winter blues shaken loose. Here are some quick tips to get the house bright and ready for the season!

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1. Pare Down and Start With A Clean Slate

To be fair, I said easy not glamorous. Look, you've likely been cooped up for a couple months, which means lots of dust and dinge that's just now showing up with the sunshine. Clean out all that grime that came with winter - do a deep scrub on the floors, get the windows dusted and washed to let the sun in, and unclutter your hiding spaces - shelves, cabinets, tables and counter tops.

This is a great time to sort through old clothes, trinkets, and decorations. A yard sale can put some extra cash in your refresh budget, but consider donating your no-longer-needed's to Goodwill or a similar charity thrift sore. They have dozens of stores and drop-off locations all over Middle Tennessee, and that warm fuzzy feeling goes great with the spring season.

I know you're here for the more creative tips, but you’ll be surprised how much fresher your home will feel with a little elbow grease.

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2. Crack the Windows and Air it Out

Look, we don't have a lot of "mild weather" around Nashville, so take advantage of the mellow temperatures while it's least likely to hit your energy bill. Get your doors and windows open to invite spring in. Throw on any fans to aid circulation while you're at it.

Aside from simply feeling refreshed, throwing your windows open has a lot of health benefits. Winter brings with it a lot of dry, recycled air. Because almost all belongings have some sort of off gassing from the paint, glue, dying, or other manufacturing processes, these chemicals waft into the air and need to be pushed out regularly. Since homes are so well sealed for energy purposes, it's important to properly air the house out once or twice a year to aid this process.

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3. Bring The Outside In

You're all cleaned up, and you've gotten some fresh air. Now it's time to add life and nature to your space.While you can make a trip to the flower shop, consider what you have around you. Use vases to display your favorite blooms. Even simple things like rocks and twigs, when properly arranged and placed on a mantle or table, look like a work of art. Have shells left over from your last beach trip? Throw some in - maybe it'll inspire you to take another real soon

If you're plant-deficient, split up an inexpensive grocery store bouquet and dot flowers around the house. Old mismatched pots and vases (another good reason to hit up Goodwill) or left-over mason jars make perfect planters.

Finally, if you're a convicted plant killer like myself, plastic flowers aren't a bad option. Expect to spend a little for the convincing ones - no one likes to see fraying fabric leaves and poorly-painted petals. The upside is that once you've bought them, they can last several years with proper storage.

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4. Switch up Your Accessories 

In my home winter usually means extra blankets on the bed, extras throws on the couch, and and darker throw pillows all over.First things first, get rid of the excess you won't be needing and trade it for something more vibrant. Which color is up to you - yellows, greens, and blues are all staples - but aim for something lighter in both tone an weight. A breezy linen or soft alpaca throw can be an excellent, playful addition to your decor at minimal cost.

The same strategy applies with your throw pillows, but pay close attention to your textures. Velvet, cords, or burlap all worked fine in the dark and cold months, but spring demands inviting fabrics and intriguing patterns.

While we're at it, consider trading out your bath mat and towels to brighten your bathroom. Rotating your colors not only extends the life of your bathroom decor, but acts a a great motivator to get in and do some deep cleaning.

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5. Get Creative With Interior Doors 

Painting is rarely a task I look forward to, but it doesn't have to be daunting and can be an easy way to add bold colors to your space. Rather than covering an entire accent wall with a bright tone, an interior door can have the same effect while giving you a great eclectic look. This livens the space and shows off the artistic side of your design sense.

Unless you're a real go-getter who wants to do this every season, aim for colors with cross-season appeal. For instance, green is a fantastic multi-season color as long as it's not too dark, and not too saturated. Likewise a darkened magenta or goldenrod can have staying power through the year.

Best of all, it's cheap. An interior door can often be coated with a smaller, one-pint cans when available, and can removed, painted, and rehung in a day.

What tips and trick do you use to liven up your space? Let us know on Facebook!

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