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Dated: 05/10/2017

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It feels cliche at this point to write about how fast Nashville it's growing - it's been a constant topic and something I've been writing about in one way or another for the last ten years. The fabric of our city is being reshaped right in front of us, and the effects are rippling out to surrounding communities.

For real estate, this means tons of demand and not many houses to go around. Areas that once weren't desirable are suddenly being bought up and converted to trendy neighborhoods. Outskirt areas like Columbia and Greenbrier are seeing increased attention as the fight to find affordable housing spills out of Nashville proper. Middle Tennessee as a whole is experiencing a boom in the number and diversity of businesses popping up to serve all our new neighbors.

As the city grows and shifts to accommodate more people with new needs, it's going to mean a lot of construction around the city. 

A Different Kind of Football

Likely not the first major construction project you'd think the city would tackle, Mayor Barry and the Metro Council have been in talks with Major League Soccer to bring in a professional soccer team. Early discussions put the stadium on the Nashville Fairgrounds, but plans and renderings for the construction are at least six months out. No price estimations have been made of of yet, but the early proposals included over-due upgrades to the Nashville Speedway and a general makeover of the fairgrounds.

With any project of this scale, you can expect years of planning, budgeting, and voting before a shovel ever hits the dirt. However, the fact that we've gotten this far is news in an of itself. Generally, the word "soccer" doesn't spring to mind when you think of Nashville - but there's clear and growing interest. We just saw a 4000-seat soccer stadium go up in Antioch to house the Inter Nashville FC football club, and as the children of "soccer moms" grow up, you can expect more demand for the sport.

Big Plans for BNA

Last year, the city announced and ambitious and expensive overhaul of Nashville's International Airport. The plans call for $1.2 billion dollars spent over seven years to renovate every aspect of the facility. More parking is first up, followed quickly by additional security lines, baggage claim and expanded ticketing areas.

A hotel is also in the works to help service the massive volumes BNA is servicing - almost 13 million passengers in 2016. While details are scarce, any expansion to the airport will likely bring more shops and vendors, which is never a bad thing for the economy. We already have an number of hotels and parking hubs circling the airport, and we can expect more to pop up as expansion continues.

Commuter Rail

While we haven't reached the catastrophic congestion of Atlanta or LA, Nashville's growing pains are definitely being felt by commuters. Anyone who has to fight their way up I-24 in the morning knows we have a problem, and simply widening roads isn't going to solve it. To that end, the Mayor has proposed a $6 billion dollar, multi-decade project to install light and commuters rails in and out of Nashville.

The first area up for consideration is Gallatin Pike, but eventual plans would see a rail system spidering out from Nashville proper. Expect tons of debate in terms of where the rails will be located and how they'll be funded - but some form of commuter rail has been in talks for years now and it seems inevitable at this point.

How Nashville grows to support it's changing demographics is still largely up in the air, but what's certain is we're far past the point of mulling it over. Expect to see plenty of cranes, bulldozers, and traffic jams on the horizon the city navigates how to best serve it's people.

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