Antioch On The Rise

Dated: 07/26/2017

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Antioch has had a rough decade when it comes to retaining retailers.

The slow decline of Hickory Hollow Mall, with anchor stores liquidating and packing up, was the first sign. Next was Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, and a slew of major national chains. Many of these buildings sat empty for years, all victims of the 2008 recession.

Luckily, the rising tide that is Nashville's real estate market lifts all ships. Take East Nashville for example - a once down-trodden area now swarming with development, trendy resturants and shopping. What was once a place to find aging-yet-affordable housing is quickly becoming the hip place to be in the city.

While most every area is seeing upswings, few are as fast-paced as Antioch. In the last year, we've seen logistic companies move jobs into the old Best Buy, while Conn's Homeplus and Floor and Decor completely renovated the old Target to bring new life to the area.

The big get, of course, is Ikea. Rumors have swirled for years as to when - or if - Nashville would ever land it's own store. The Swedish company is notoriously picky about where it sets up shop, forcing locals to make the long drive to Atlanta or Memphis. While the store is still three years from opening, builders are already planning around the retail giant with a 300-acre mixed-use site developed by Nashville's Oldacre McDonald. With retail, restaurant, hotel, and office builds tucked alongside multifamily residential developments, the project is ambitious to say the least.

Less publicized but just as important is the development plans for the old Starwood Ampitheatre grounds off Murfreesboro pike. Sold off in 2016, developers have been quiet aside from announcing that it'll be a mixed-use area. Anything that brings more affordable housing, jobs, and businesses to the area is a good thing.

The revitalization doesn't stop with shopping - Community Health Systems is starting construction on a 2000 job shared service center, while an auto parts distributor sets plans for a 100,000 sqft office building for 2018.

Hickory Hollow Mall, once a symbol of Antioch's decline, has been completely re-purposed to better serve it's community. Housing a college, a brand new 30,000 sqft library and a 55,000 sqft recreation center and ice rink, the site is quickly become a renewed focal point for the city.

With all this activity and attention, home prices in Antioch are climbing quickly. For people in need of a first-time buyer's price point, the area still has deals to offer - just expect plenty of competition. If you're interested in investing, several of the communities have lack HOA restrictive rental policies - though you should always check with you agent first.

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