5 Tips To Get Your Deck Ready For Summer

Dated: 08/03/2016

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Summer is here, and few things beat grilling out and relaxing on your deck. While it’s rarely something we think about, a deck needs basic maintenance and upkeep like anything else in your home. Here is some quick advice to minimize your effort and maximize your fun this summer!

The biggest task is refinishing. How often you’ll need to depends on whether the deck is covered, how often you use it, or if you have pets adding wear to it’s surface.

Whether starting from scratch or previously finished, make sure your deck is free of grease, oil, or dirt. A quick spray down isn’t enough – make sure you use a wood cleaner/brightener to remove the ground in debris. Your local hardware store can recommend a brand that handles the basics, of mold, mildew, and algae. Chlorine bleach can work, but it may break down existing coatings.

Make sure to sand all the deck surfaces smooth before applying any coating to ensure the new coating sticks. Even if you’re starting from scratch, a once-over with a belt sander for the big areas, and a palm sander for the small spots will remove burrs and splinters.

There are a number of coatings you can use – from polyurethane-based finishes to oils and waxes, that will call come in clear or a variety of tints. What you choose depends on the look you want, and how much protection you need. See an expert at your local hardware store for what suits you best.

Once the big project is done, it’s time to personalize!

1.) Add Some Class - Wrought-iron tables and chairs are hardy with a classic look. Just be sure to wire brush off any surface rust to keep them looking new, longer.

2.) Add Some Shade - A table umbrella is a quick fix for beating the heat. If you want more coverage, consider investing in a fix or retractable awning.

3.) Add a Touch of Nature - Hanging herb or flower baskets are low-maintenance and add color, texture, and fragrance to your deck. Trellis with climbing ivy require a little more work, but may also add much needed privacy.

4.) Add Some Light – Want to enjoy more summer nights under the stars? Hanging lights, Chinese lanterns, and lights in decorative shapes are all inexpensive and fun ways to brighten up a party. LED Rope lights can be strung under hand rails for a subtler touch that is easy on the power bill.

5.) Add Some Protection – Nothing spoils a good time like uninvited guests. Fine-wire mesh will keep critters out from under the deck, while citronella candles and

A few hours spent sprucing up your deck will have a big impact on how your outdoor space serves you, and what potential buyers will think when it’s time to sell.

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