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Weichert, Realtors - The Andrews Group is a family-owned business that's helped people call Nashville home for over 45 years in the business. We aim for nothing short of perfection when it comes to caring for our clients, and agents are among the best in Middle Tennessee. Let us help you reach your goals, as we have for so many other happy Tennesseans.

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Five Retro Styles Making A Comeback

In fashion, you can expect what’s old to be new again every 20 years or so. It’s just the right amount of time for use to dust off our nostalgia, polish what we liked about a thing, and

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Nashville Welcomes Those Displaced By Hurricanes

Late in the summer of 2005, Hurricane Katrina swept through the Gulf Coast and displaced 400,000 people. While the nation banded together to donate their time and money, the recovery and rebuilding

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Common Pitfalls When Buying A New Build

Buying a home is emotionally and financially stressful. Building a home? Now that’s a whole different animal. There’s a big difference in buying an existing home on which you will imprint

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Great Nashville Events To Keep You Busy All Fall

We’re out of the high-90’s, low 100’s of August and quickly dipping into the cool winds of Fall. Nashville isn’t known for slowing down, and this season is no exception. We’ve gone

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